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Multirotor was established in October 2011 and for more than 3 years has been selling parts, complete systems and kits to leading Aerial Photographers, Cinematographers, Surveying, Game-Livestock Monitoring, Anti-Poaching, Security companies and Hobbyists.

The new Solo by 3DR.

The world’s smartest drone is also the easiest to fly. With features like pushbutton flight and computer-assisted Smart Shots, Solo makes it easy for anyone to get professional aerial photos and video. Solo is powered by two 1 GHz computers for the best and smoothest aerial photography experience imaginable, including many world-first technologies and a host of built-in safety and support features. And it’s the only all-in-one drone to offer live video streaming in vivid HD from your GoPro® directly to your mobile device—at ranges up to half a mile. Solo requires a smartphone or tablet (not included).


The first drone with a brain, Solo is powered by twin computers
Only drone to stream live HD video from GoPro® direct to iOS/Android devices
Revolutionary, intuitive video game-style controller
Take to the air in seconds with effortless pushbutton flight
Powerful Smart Shot technology makes capturing incredible cinematic footage easy and automatic
Unique safety features like pause and “safety net” mean you can fly with confidence
First with in-flight GoPro® access: Start/stop recording and adjust camera settings from the ground (with Solo Gimbal)
Full-featured app for iOS and Android puts total craft control at your fingertips
Follow Me mode enables Solo to automatically track and film any subject
Solo Gimbal (sold separately) delivers smooth footage, GoPro® power and control and HDMI video
Future-proof accessory and gimbal bays make Solo ready for tomorrow’s technology
Free software and feature updates ensure your Solo evolves at the pace of innovation
The smart drone keeps getting smarter: LiDAR for super stable indoor flight; ballistic parachute system; flight rewind and more, all scheduled for release

These Drones will be available through Multirotor as soon as they are released worldwide by 3DR.

You, Your GoPro and a Drone: The Beginner’s Guide to Great Aerial Photography Beginners Guide

The 3DRobotics Tower (Droid Planner) for the Android

Tower is 3DR’s powerful and intuitive new flight control program. It provides everything you need to plan, fly and track any 3DR-powered drone. Tower delivers a simple but feature-rich flight experience, equally suited to first-time pilots and experts.Key features include transmitter-free control with a phone or tablet, drencher integration and a new mission editor.
It’s also an open-source app, which means the code is available to anyone who wants to build new features into Tower or customize existing ones. 3DR will be the major contributor to the software, and we’ll supply support for every issue and fix all critical concerns.
Tower features:
* Transmitter-free control: You can fly your 3DR drone with just a phone or tablet.
* Create flights by drawing the paths on your tablet or dropping waypoints.
* Because we give you over 10 different waypoint types to choose from, you can create flights that suit your specific purpose:
** Fly in smooth curves with spline waypoints.
** Circle waypoints allow you to orbit an object and keep the camera pointed at it.
** Region of Interest (ROI) points allow you to keep the camera centered on a subject regardless of the path you’re flying.
** “Survey” will automatically generate the flight pattern you need to fully cover a region of the map.
* 3PV™ Follow Me keeps the camera centered on you while the copter follows you as you move. You can also adjust the copter’s position while it’s following you.
* Easily make 3D scans of large structures with our automated building mapper.
* The one-button Dronie lets you quickly capture a one-of-a-kind selfie that reveals the scenery around you as the copter flies up and back.
* Adjust parameters within your flight controller to get a custom feel.
* Supports both copters and planes.

Can be downloaded here Tower Droid Planner Download

The 3DRobotics X8+ Drone – Take Your Ideas Into the Air

The 3DRobotics X8+ featuring increased payload and longer flight time. PURCHASE THE X8+ HERE

Drones can be much more than flying cameras. With the X8+ we’ve created a modular and expandable platform with significant payload capacity to power aerial projects of all kinds. We’ve thought through a lot of uses for the X8+: autonomous delivery, professional photography, 3D modeling and many more. But what really excites us about this release is its openness and versatility. We’ve taken care of building a durable and versatile aerial platform, now we want to see what you can do with it. Innovative drone users have taken stunning photographs and video, delivered medicine to remote areas with electromagnets, and surveyed and protected land, people, animals and resources. The reason drone technology has nearly limitless potential is because our users have limitless potential. So if you’ve had success flying a GoPro and have always wondered what it would be like to do even more, this is your next level drone. With the X8+, we want to give you the power to do more

What a mapping drone is, and why it’s useful.

More videos can be seen here Aero-M How to Videos and here 3DR X8-M

3DR’s Aero-M and X8-M are fully automated and intelligent tools: drone mapping platforms for easy, fast and accurate aerial data acquisition that will enable you to take informed and targeted action. They provide a level of insight that’s invaluable to industries like agriculture, construction, mining, and land and resource management, or for gathering data for any area that needs to be looked at closely and often. They allow you to get this data cheaply, easily and quickly, with less risk and more frequency and detail than manned flight or satellite imagery.

3DR’s mapping drones come bundled with a high-resolution Canon visible-spectrum camera, but the payload system is interchangeable so you can swap your own cameras or sensors for shooting IR, hyperspectral or other imagery. The package also includes Pix4D professional image-processing software, a version developed specifically for the 3DR platform by Pix4D, the leading image post-processing company.

Read More here 3DR Mapping Drones

These Drones are available through Multirotor on special order.

How Drones Will Help Us Grow Better Food and Wine, and More of It

There’s a pervasive myth of the American farmer: technologically conservative, isolated and set in his ways (always a him), and probably older and kind of grumpy and heavily flannelled, too. However, as Robert Blair, a wheat farmer in Idaho who’s pioneering the use of drones in agriculture, once told me, “People think we’re just standing around out there in our bib overalls holding a pitchfork. They really have no idea that agriculture is one of the most technologically advanced industries in the world.”…….Drones will contribute to a more sustainable world. They can collect the aerial data that farmers need to better understand and predict crop yield, assess crop health and weed cover, and perhaps most importantly when it comes to environmental sustainability, monitor and target water and fertilizer distribution and application. These farming techniques are popularly called precision agriculture, which can save farmers money and time, as well as help them enhance their crop quality, yields, and profits on those yields, and optimize the usage and output of farmland…..Our forthcoming all-in-one mapping platform, a package that includes a high-resolution camera and professional image processing software, will clock in at just above $5,000.

See article in the 3DR Blog

3DR Drones in Action

In central Texas, drought has become the norm. Currently the lakes around Austin, the state capital, are at 38% capacity. These lakes provide drinking water for more than a million people, as well as water to industries, businesses and the environment. When the lakes drop below 30% capacity, projected to happen as early as January 2015, the state will officially declare a “Drought Worse than the Drought of Record,” compelling industries and other consumers to reduce water use by 20 percent. Compounding the problem is the present danger of nonnative aquatic vegetation—such as the invasive species hydrilla—which when left untended can choke out an entire lake. Moss Monster, a local contracting company owned and operated by Clifton Chowning, harvests aquatic vegetation and dredges the lakes and canals of central Texas, thereby combating threats of invasive vegetation and erosion.

For Clifton, the 3D Robotics Y6 is like having a superpower. The ability to automatically fly a camera over the water makes aerial data acquisition automatic, reliable, affordable and, most importantly for Clifton, repeatable. He can fly identical patterns week after week, capturing crisp and accurate aerial images that allow him to target specific problem areas and over time prove out changes and threats, which ultimately makes Moss Monster’s operations more efficient and effective. Clifton passes this on to customers in the form of savings, and to the city in the form of a cool glass of water.

The 3DR platform makes this possible. All of our drones are capable of autonomous flight: they’re robots that can fly themselves and carry a hi-res camera or other sensors along customized routes with virtually unlimited waypoints. You can save routes and fly them precisely at any time. This combination—crisp aerial images, automation and repeatability—can be particularly useful for enterprise applications: by flying lower and slower than satellites or manned aircraft, our drones make data acquisition more efficient, accurate and affordable than it’s ever been. But what’s most exciting is what people will discover they can do with this kind of access, and that too is virtually unlimited

Choosing the Correct Motor

Please use eCalc (located in the right margin) to size your motor prior to purchase. If you need any help, send an email to multirotor.

3DRobotics Pixhawk and Kits

Are you a maker at heart? Do you fancy yourself your own factory? Learn the inner workings of a fully autonomous drone by building your own kit from the ground up!

Choose the nimble and accessible 2014 Quad. Each kit comes with a sturdy frame and all the parts needed for assembly, and the full suite of electronics includes brushless motors, props, a Pixhawk and GPS with compass and mast. Taking one of these kits into your own hands affords you the flexibility and freedom of customization.

The new upgrades for 2014 include gimbal-compatible plates and a larger surface area for mounting your own peripheral components. (Kits do not include a remote controller or battery with charger.) Anyone with a basic background in electronics will be able to assemble these DIY kits with ease. You can even view the full set of assembly instructions before you buy, right here on our site.

Our upgraded 2014 kits give you the opportunity to customize your copter combined with the experience of learning about drones from the inside out. As someone important once said, joy’s soul lies in the doing!

We have stock of the 3DRobotics Pixhawk and accessories and the 3DRobotics Quad kits. Please note that I am only allowed to sell the Pixhawk to Countries listed here

RC Tiger MT Motors

RC Tiger Motors MT and MN range are high quality and reliable brushless motors that keep the Multirotor and the expensive equipment that it carries, safe.

Our range of RC Tiger Motors include the MT2814-10, MT2814-11, MT4006-13 and MN4014-9 which are ideal motors for heavy lift multirotor systems including Quads, Hexas, Y6’s and Octos.

All the Motors we have in stock are in the new black design.

And along with this range of professional motors we have in stock the Tiger 30A and 60A ESC’s, programming cards and the new RC Tiger Carbon Fibre Props.